Archangels High School was established in the year 2004 by Archangels Educational Society. The school is recognized by the Government of Telangana and prepares Boys and Girls for the Secondary School Certificate [SSC] Examination through the Medium of English

The aim of the school is not only to import instruction but also to develop the total personality of the child by training his/her intellectual, moral, emotional, physical and aesthetic faculties to make him/her fully human.The formal task of the school therefore is to draw out the ethical dimension to help the students to achieve moral freedom. Behind this moral freedom, stand those absolute values which alone give meaning and value to human life.

School Timing

Classes I-X
08:50 AM
08:50 AM
08:50 AM
12:30 PM
03:00 PM
05:00 PM

The Code Of Conduct For Students

  • Students are expected to maintain the school timings, wear clean and neat uniform and come to school in time.
  • Students are expected to be honest, truthful, loyal, orderly and obedient.
  • Students are responsible to look after their belongings, books, umbrella, raincoat, lunch boxes, etc.
  • Students should not bring cell phones, unreasonable amounts of money, valuables to the school. The school is not responsible if books, clothes or other articles are lost by the students in the school.

The School Uniform

The school uniform consists of Grey trousers and white shirts (for boys) Grey Pinafore and white shirt (for girls) plus Black shoes, Black socks, School belt, Neck tie.

The students are required to wear the white T-shirt along with white trousers (for boys), white skirt and the white T-shirt (for girls), white shoes and white socks on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Girl students should plait their hair neatly and use black ribbons during the week and white ribbons on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Students wearing any other dress will not be permitted to enter the school premises.

Students are not supposed to come to school with ornaments.

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